At 37West our goal is to keep our client's websites running 24/7, but sometimes we have to temporarily take a site down for maintenance and upgrades, we call this "Down Time".

There are many reasons why a website may have "down time". Our advanced interactive sites are dynamically created websites driven by databases and user input, really they operate more like an application interface to the business that owns the site. Delivering and processing the necessary information that the customers or business may need in an interactive form. These applications must sync their data, run reports, check data consistency, and do numerous other complex tasks in a quick and timely manner that is in the blink of an eye. Periodically we need to perform a tune-up to keep up or increase performance and mitigate errors. Unfortunately, having this site running while we are actively trying to take care of updates and sometimes fix issues is not always possible.

We try to hold off on making upgrades or repairs to the site you were trying to visit by scheduling maintenance for times in the very late hours of the night , usually 12am - 4am. This way it will not interfere with normal day to day traffic. Unfortunately, there are times that the site needs immediate attention. Rest assured we are on the case and we will have it back up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding,

~ 37West Technologies